English Literature

Hamlet has sent the list of texts which students at Great Lakes High School study for their O Level exam. Most of them are texts by African writers, most of which were unknown to me. However, I have been able to get hold of most of them through Amazon. The surprise text was The Government Inspector by Gogol. That took me back to my first year of teaching at Southfields School in Wandsworth in 1971, where it was one of the plays I had to teach! It has been something of a delight to re- read it, and enjoy the wicked humour as Gogol’s characters slowly reveal the depths of their corruption.


One thought on “English Literature

  1. Agandi Gill and Steve! Greetings from another hemisphere.
    I hope all your preparations are now complete and you’re on your way if not arrived. I’m sure you’ll love Uganda as soon as you see it.
    Give our particular best to Hamlet (and Denis when you get to meet him) – and enjoy it all!
    Happy landings.
    Shelagh x


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