Off the beaten track

The last part of our journey yesterday took us off the tarmac roads and onto dirt roads, which meant closing all the windows to stop us all being covered in red dust. It was not only a bumpy ride, but a potentially dangerous one. We were thankful for Jackson, our driver, who has done this journey many times before. This route took us alongside the edge of vast hills, with precipitous drops to our left. The scenery was superb, with the characteristic green landscape of Uganda rising to dizzy heights, not unlike parts of The Lake District.

Small hamlets nestled in the valleys, with people once again selling fruit and vegetables. School children straggled along some roads, walking home ( this was about six in the evening), some with empty plastic buckets ready to collect water.

Rusty faded signs advertised goods and services which you felt probably didn’t exist. Tin roofs – some silver, reflecting the dying rays of the sun, some burnt umber like the soil itself, dotted the hillsides.

Finally we arrived in Kanungu, exhausted by the 10- hour journey. We were met by Dickens, a young lad, who showed us to our room in total darkness – no power! So his candle helped us find the lantern in our luggage to help us stumble into the space.

We have arrived!


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