Anything can happen


Our washing facilities for the past two days!

Another entire day with no power and no water. We have now had two of the large yellow ‘jerricans’, so- called, delivered to our door. How someone manages to carry it – it’s unbelievably heavy – and where they have managed to get the water – I just don’t know. Rabecca said there is a well further down the hill, and I have indeed seen people carrying water up from there. One can is just about enough for two people for a day – a minimal wash twice a day, and flushing the toilet. It really does concentrate the mind regarding how we take water for granted and waste so much of it in the developed world. It feels crazy to be throwing it down the toilet after someone has taken so much effort to collect it!
Rabecca and I went to Kirima Primary this morning in the hope that I could join in with some English lessons. However, the only subjects available were a maths and science lesson, so we joined in with those. The maths lesson in particular was very good – clear explanations of the methods you need to use in order to solve problems. However, I am not sure all the pupils understood. When asked, they chanted in unison that they have ‘got it’, but I remember from my own school days that that is the easiest way of avoiding the shame of having to admit that you ‘don’t get it’.334FFFB3-3FE2-42C6-A1F0-063B3D2D2947

At the university, Steve is still struggling to find uninterrupted time to finish the task he has set himself. By having to work in the staff common-room where there is sufficient solar power to run a computer, he has had a stream of friendly and well-meaning people who want to chat about all manner of things, but mainly Premier League football.
It has been a frenzy of activity at the University this week, because it is graduation day tomorrow. We have discovered that we are guests of honour, which is more than a little daunting since we are expected to say a few words during the ceremony. We know there is going to be some traditional dancing – because we saw it being rehearsed earlier in the week – and we have heard some wonderful choral singing echoing through the buildings. More details after the event!


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