Only Connect


On the way to school

To Kirima Primary again today. Had a longer chat with Denis, the Headteacher, who also has overall responsibility for the three other primaries in the CHIFCOD family. He had a busy week last week with many lengthy meetings with officials from the Education Department. It seems that Rutenga Primary, where we visited last week, does not have the official licence to run as a parents’ school. They have just a few days to get the paperwork in place before they could face the same fate as some of the other schools in the area who have been closed this week after being found wanting in the paperwork department. Denis is upbeat about it, saying it will all be fine. In our experience so far in Uganda, from seemingly chaotic and disorganised situations, things do end up ‘fine’ so I hope his optimism is well- founded.

11FC2DAA-B2E4-48B7-BC6C-AA6039C8788CI sat in on Valence’s English lesson with Primary 7 ( the oldest pupils) which was focused on formal letter- writing. I asked if I could take the lesson on Friday, building on this set of skills to write some more informal letters to their English counterparts in local schools. I’m looking forward to that. It would be great if we could set up a connection.

Later in the day Steve also went to talk to Denis, and to do some training in how to send emails and how to use Excel to create pupil lists.


Kazuru camp

In the evening we went to Kazuru camp at the invitation of Lauren and Rebecca, where we met the four young volunteers and had a lovely meal – Ugandan pizza, guacamole and fried potatoes. Delicious!







4 thoughts on “Only Connect

    • Joe, thank you so much! I’m really glad you enjoyed reading it, and I really hope that it may lead to some inspiring volunteer work for you in the future. And yes, I have been to the UNICEF website and donated!


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