And the rain, it cometh

The normal view from Mountain Gorilla Inn


It has been raining all night, and it continues to rain with increased intensity. As we sit down to breakfast, we both remember that we have forgotten to bring our malaria tablets from our room. You need to take one at the same time each day. Steve braves the torrent to go back to our room and get

them. Above is the normal view, compared with how it looks this morning. The mountain has gone! I am now fearful of getting to Great Lakes today, and even more fearful for Denis, who travels to different schools on his ‘iron horse’, as he puts it, or in common parlance , his ‘boda boda’.This is our last chance to get together before we leave next week, and I have some things to give him.


Rain, what rain? It is amazing the way the roads dry out, even after such vast quantities of rain. The worst hazard was not the slippery roads, but the boda boda coming towards us carrying a passenger with lengths of metal across his lap, making it easily as wide as a car. A cat’s whisker was the clearance on what is, effectively, a single-track road.

00E5E77E-D468-49E0-8B8C-35B3B66992D4Have said my goodbyes to the kids and to Denis. One of my pupils, Pleasure, has disappeared entirely. The other girls told me that her parents have not paid her school fees. That must be the end of her educational opportunities: she will not be able to take her O-Levels.  Just another painful statistic in the lives of these kids.

Goodbye was a tearful exchange all round. Denis and I have vowed to continue our teaching partnership via WhatsApp. He expressed his delight in the connection we have made, and I returned to Kanungu.


One thought on “And the rain, it cometh

  1. So sad to be coming to an end – and so soon! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you come home and to seeing more of your wonderful photos xx


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