Game for anything


Janon suggested that we set off at in search of the big game that had eluded us yesterday.
The landscape in this more northerly part of the park is altogether more arid, with yellowing grass and many of the cactus-like trees that dominate the landscape, in places towering to 50 feet or more, with massive circumferences.

At first it seemed as if our luck was out. There were plenty of piles of dung, some with mushrooms already sprouting from them. There were well- worn tracks, obviously made by large animals.
Then we spotted a pride of female lions, resting and peaceful. We 50605E53-1363-44FD-AE0A-8BCE030ADB09found out later that there are very few lions in this part of the park, so we were very lucky to find them. Suddenly there was an abundance of hippos too – wallowing in whatever mud they could find.


We counted eleven hippos in this mud bath

Finally, Jonan drove through a different part of the park, and we were lucky enough to see a whole family of elephants make their way across the road, in stately procession. They were very different from other elephants we have seen in zoos: not grey, but very very dark. What a fantastic sight!


The family of elephants heading for the road

After that, seeing a large tree covered with hundreds of hanging weaver bird nests, like an over-decorated Christmas Tree, was not as exciting as it should have been.


The wonderful Weaver bird 

Volcanic crater lakes abound in this area. This one is used as a source of salt.


The salt beds in the crater lake

Later in the day we went on a boat trip along the canal. Uganda is a bird-watcher’s paradise.


We watched the fishermen paddling out for their night- time fishing in Lake Edward.


The next morning, Janon told us that he had seen that elusive leopard walking near our cottage at 6a.m. The one that got away…


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