Uganda Haikus

This may seem a bizarre clash of cultures – haikus about Africa.

I have been writing a haiku every day since 1st. January this year. So this is the section which have been written for the duration of this trip. I cannot claim they have any literary merit at all – far from it! They are, however, little snapshots of thoughts each day.

22nd February Thursday

Crossing the Nile from
Thousands of feet: a ribbon
Of light on the land.

23rd February Friday

That journey was so
Endless that I almost felt
Sorry it ended.

24th February Saturday

That magnificent
View to greet us on waking
Was a real bonus.

25th February Sunday

When one mosquito
Net goes, can another be
Far behind? Let’s hope.

26th February Monday

The frustration of
Nothing much happening is
Relieved by some lunch.

27th February Tuesday

Is it possible?
The icy blasts back home seem
A whole world away.

28th February Wednesday

Such joy in the air
With all that singing and drums:
Hallejula, yeah!

1st March Thursday

Are we going or
Are we not? We just don’t know.
This is Africa!

2nd March Friday

Jack fruit and Jackness:
courtesy of Rabecca,
Both of them. So sweet.

3rd March Saturday

A myriad of
Experiences- where to start?
The Great Crested Crane.

4th March Sunday

A long trek to an
Orphanage throws poverty
Into sharp relief.

5th March Monday

A dusty place, school-
Either that, or a quagmire
Of mud and sharp stones.

6th March Tuesday

Those silent teachers
Spoke volumes in their empty
Stares: help us, please help!

7th March Wednesday

Woke up this morning
No power and no water.
This is Africa!

8th March Thursday

A day of total
Frustration for Steve as the
Modem stops working.

9th March Friday

Who would have thought we
Would come to Uganda to
Discuss our garden?

10th March Saturday

Graduation Day
Comes and goes with pomp and a
Few too many words.

11th March Sunday

Don’t step off the path!
A crushed butterfly may change
Our delicate world.

12th March Monday

Talk about a red
Mist descending before you:
The driver can’t see.

13th March Tuesday

I discover that
I rather like the sticky
Maize porridge today.

14th March Wednesday

A class of forty
kids struggle with the concept
Of summary. Ouch.

15th March Thursday

Building the nation:
What part will Bill Gates play in
This? A lovely boy!

16th March Friday

Writing letters to
Unknown and unseen people:
What of the outcome?

17th March Saturday

An open truckload
Of men speeds by, all singing
Loud, in unison.

18th March Sunday

The sound of urgent
Drumming spreads from the valley.
Is it war or church?

19th March Monday

Seeing those hippos
At night was just magical.
Starry starry night.


20th March Tuesday

A family of
Elephants crossing the road:
Power and glory.

21st March Wednesday

Driving for ten hours
You see a lot of changes.
Faster and faster.

22nd March Thursday

Time for reflection:
Entebbe and Kampala
Provide the backdrop.

2 thoughts on “Uganda Haikus

  1. Gill, I’ve so much enjoyed reading your blog. So many different impressions – it’ll take you ages to process I expect. Safe journey home


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